Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sacrament Of Waiting

Waiting is a mystery - a natural sacrament of life.
there is a meaning hidden in all the times we have to wait.
It must be an important mystery because there is so much waiting in our lives.
Everyday is filled with those little moments of waiting;
testing our patience and our nerves, schooling us in self-control.

We wait for meals to be served, for a letter to arrive, for a friend to call or show up for a date.
We wait in line at cinemas and theaters, concerts and circuses.
Our airline terminals, railway stations and bus depots are
great temples of waiting filled with men and women who
wait in joy for the arrival of a loved one - or wait
in sadness to say goodbye and give the last wave of hand.

And we wait for ourselves to grow from childhood to maturity.
We wait for those inner voices that tell us when we are ready for the next stop.
We wait for graduation, for our first job, our first promotion.
We wait for success and recognition. We wait to grow up - to reach the stage where we make our own decisions. We cannot remove this waiting from our lives. It is a part of the tapestry of living.

Most of all waiting means waiting for someone else.
It is a mystery, brushing by our face everyday like a stray wind of leaf falling from a tree.
Anyone who has loved knows how much waiting goes into it.
How much waiting is important for love to grow, to flourish through a lifetime.
Why is this? Why can we not have it right now what we
so desperately want and need?

Why must we wait – two years, three years - and seemingly waste so much time?
You might as well ask why a tree should take so long
to bear fruit - the seed to flower - carbon to changeto diamond.
There is no simple answer - no more than there is to
life’s other demands - having to say goodbye to someone
you love because either you or they have made other
commitments; or because they have to grow and find the
meaning of their own lives - having yourself to leave
home and loved ones to find your own path - good-byes,
like waiting, are also sacraments of our lives.

All we know is that growth - the budding, the flowering of love needs patient waiting.
We have to give each other a time to grow. There is no way we can
make someone else truly love us or we them, except through time.
So we give each other that mysterious gift of waiting;
of being present without asking demands and rewards.
There is nothing harder to do than this. It truly tests the depth and sincerity of our love.

Waiting is a good thing only if something is worthwaiting for.
How will you know if it’s worth it? Gut feel.
What if you don’t trust your gut? Pray. You will been lightened. Trust me!
Is it wrong to expect while waiting? It’s not wrong,
but it will increase your chances of heartbreak and
disappointment if things don’t work out in the end.
Is it good to expect while waiting? It is better to HOPE.

What’s the difference between hoping and expecting?
HOPING means you’re open to either side of the coin
landing though you’re more inclined to believe that
things will turn out well. EXPECTING means you’re
thinking single-track…which won’t do you much good at all.

What’s the difference between waiting and expecting?
EXPECTING is waiting for something TO DEFINITELY
HAPPEN. WAITING is staying where you are, but not
necessarily expecting something to happen definitely.
Do you need assurance from someone you’re waiting for
while you’re waiting? Ideally, yes. But realistically,
do you really want assurance from this person? It’s so
easy to just point at something and make that the
reason why you’re waiting (”Because she said…”
“Because he told me that…”). With WAITING, all you
really can rely on are 3 things: your gut feel, your
heart and mind. Just YOURSELF, not anyone else.

So should you wait? What does your gut say? How does
your heart feel? What does your mind think?
If they’re saying different things, keep asking yourself these 3 questions;
And PRAY, until you get a solid answer.
THEN you’ll know if he or she is worth waiting for


michelle said...

nice kaayo ang " the sacrament of waiting" nimo sir as in... i take a deep pause heheh kahuna huna pud tag lalom hkhkhk..!!!!

james said...

tnx michelle... continue to visit ha.. salamat

Sarah Danielle Caser Ferrolino said...

hi james.. How are you? hope your doing fine. I just want to thank you for posting this blog. I was blessed with this. Actually, I'm so depressed and frustrated nowadays because things are not working as what I have expected.The idea of reading your blog suddenly pop-out in my mind. Trying to find something to read. Then I find this blog so interesting. :) thanks a lot. Hope to see you again soon!