Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As I was walking and finding some materials that can be recycled in an abandoned room in the seminary, I accidentally saw a certain piece of paper, of which, I think, intentionally torn by someone from a book. I got a little attention to it because it imprints my favorite bible passage (Ps.139) especially during my younger years in formation. I love to read this passage and became so real to me when I read it in visayan version. This passage sustains and motivates me in times of difficulties, frustrations, doubts and desolations.  
To my surprise, it was artistically revised by a certain author which, of course, I don’t know or even heard his name. But, honestly, it still stirred my innermost being and I think it’s worth posting, it might be a good material for reflection and prayer. 
(Just be aware of your feelings and emotions while reading this short yet touching work of art.)

Charles K. Robinson

I know you. I created you. I am creating you.
I have love you from your mother’s womb
You have fled – as you now know – from my love.
But I love you nevertheless, and not-the-less
And, however far you flee, it is I who sustain
Your very power of fleeing, and I will never
Finally let you go. . I accept you as you are.
You are forgiven. I know all your sufferings.
I have always known them.
For beyond your understanding,
When you suffer, I suffer. I also know
All the little the little tricks by which you try to hide
The ugliness you have made of your life
From yourself and others.
But you are beautiful.
You are beautiful more deeply within that you can see
You are beautiful because you yourself,
In the unique one that only you are,
Reflect already something of the beauty of holiness in a way
Which shall never end.
You are beautiful also because, I, and I alone,
See the beauty you shall become.
Through the transforming power of my love
You shall become perfectly beautiful
In a uniquely irreplaceable way,
Which neither you nor I will work out alone.
For we shall work it out together.

Source: EMMAUS Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation


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