Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is Religion Necessary?

During those ancient times, there were many mythologies about gods and goddesses. People during those era believed that these being would really exist and would intervene always in their success over failure, triumph over defeat. Even in the Philippine setting, our ancestors have their own gods, they call them anito. They worship gods and goddesses that they believe could be found in nature.

These ideas of supernatural entities were being conceived by those primitive people because of their own weakness and limitation. Human as a limited being tend to think of a certain higher entity that would cater and help him in doing things which man cannot and hardly achieve. There is a concept of Supreme Being for man to hold-up and look –up with in times of dilemma. Limitation in man begets religiosity. Our being weak and limited is the cause of our inclination to think about God. What man cannot make and achieve constitutes the reality of God. Mythologies are product of man’s religiosity and the expression of man’s longing for Supreme Being.

Is religion necessary? Practically yes, human has it own longing for Supreme Being and it is in religion that these longing is being unified. Religion is a system to satisfy ones religiosity. Religion exists to incorporate our desire to the transcendental beings who intercedes in the realms of phenomena.

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