Saturday, September 22, 2007

Philosophy and My Life

Man is a thinking being. He did not easily accept what other people say. He uses first his intellect and made a query before accepting or denying a certain claim or proposition and that makes man unique form other creature. Because of being a questionnaire, philosophy comes into its existence.

Man as a lover of wisdom. Because of our being lovable to wisdom, sometimes we are governed by our mind. How we think pictures out who we are and what we think form our personal outlook in life. We are the one who creates our world because our thinking made it so. Personally, taking philosophy has done a great impact in my whole being. I learned many things on this field of study. I made to realize reality in a broader concept. My ability to rationalize and analyze things is being conditioned by studying various philosophical concepts. These concepts are not just a theory but it can be actualize by simple applying it in my own daily experiences. Yes, it is very much true that there is no money in philosophy because we are now in the culture of virtual reality but the concern of philosophy in the first place is not for money, rather a way of right living and the realization of the vast reality.

I am the one who creates my destiny, who I am and what I am now is not pre-determined by something else but it is a product of my own free choice. I analyze and think twice whenever I made decisions in my life; decisions that creates my own destiny. It is my intelligent decision of where I am standing right now. I don’t know where am I going, but I know I’m on my way. Philosophy made it happen!

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